Daisuke Abe & Kuriko Tsugawa / Unite (CD)


Daisuke Abe & Kuriko Tsugawa’s 3rd album. Organic music filled with so much love.

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Daisuke Abe Electric guitar, acoustic guitar and vocals
Kuriko Tsugawa Acoustic bass and vocals

1 Furusato 3:31 Tatsuyuki Takano / Teiichi Okano (Public Domain)
2 Dekita! 5:32 Daisuke Abe (ASCAP)
3 Once upon a time 4:18 Daisuke Abe (ASCAP)
4 Oborozukiyo 2:43 Tatsuyuki Takano / Teiichi Okano (Public Domain)
5 Papa Frums 5:25 Kuriko Tsugawa (ASCAP)
6 Cascade 3:18 Kuriko Tsugawa (ASCAP)
7 Go! 6:47 Daisuke Abe (ASCAP)
8 Yozakura 4:36 Kuriko Tsugawa (ASCAP)
9 Dewa mata! 4:48 Daisuke Abe (ASCAP)
10 Unite 3:44 Daisuke Abe (ASCAP)

Produced by Daisuke Abe and Kuriko Tsugawa
Recorded June 17th & 20th, 2019 at UoU studio, Brooklyn, NY
Mixed and Mastered by Katsuhiko Naito
Illustration by Akari Abe
Cover Design by Daisuke Abe

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